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Robert Mertens youtube channel My youtube playlists.
Electrical Engineering Professor youtube Channel

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Dr. Bob's VLOGs Youtube Playlist
2016 04 22 Dr. Bob's VLOG 1
2016 04 29 Dr Bob's VLOG 2
2016 05 06 Dr Bob's VLOG 3
2016 08 12 Dr Bob's VLOG 5
2017 04 10 Dr Bob's VLOG Ocala National Forest
2017 04 10 Dr Bob's VLOG Sailboat Stanchions Part 1
2017 04 10 Dr Bob's VLOG Sailboat Stanchions Part 2

Description of Website Links

Home: A place where you can sit back, relax and pretend that the rest of the world doesn't exist.

Videos: Here you can find videos of some of my adventures in sailing, racoons, gate-building and more.

Nanotechnology: We are beginning explorers in this fantastic new world of the extremely small - the nanoscale.

Gammascopes: We are looking at the use of an amazing material, aluminized Mylar, to make telescope mirrors.

Gammabooks: GammaPC was originally Gamma Publishing Company, which sold books. I still sell books. I'm also putting some of my books online, here, and you can read them free (with advertisements) or download them (commercial-free) to your reading device. Thank you for your readership. Soon, I hope to make them available in paperback/hardcover. Some copies of the TE Theory in hardcover are still available. These are extremely rare books (a single printing), which at one time, sold for upwards of $3,000. I used very high-quality acid-free paper to print them, so they're in mint condition (and new - never opened).

Spray Cooling: This is a subject of considerable research and we presently hold the world record for the highest heat flux through any electron device, an IGBT, at 825 W/cm2.

Services: We provide research, specifically in technical areas.

About Us: Find out who we are - pictures included.

Contact Us: A way to reach us.