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GammaPC was originally Gamma Publishing Company, established in 1995 in Orlando, Florida, USA. This name seemed to limit the business of the company to publishing, which is a highly competitive business, so in order to allow the company to pursue other (less competitive) business goals, the name was shortened to GammaPC. While all business is, by nature, competitive, the key to survive and prosper in business is to find a market niche and defend it. Many, many companies fail by failing to do this. In nature, as in business, no two species can occupy the same ecological niche.

Our primary interests are Nanotechnology research, including Silicon nanowires, Zinc oxide nanowires, quantum confinement effect and special applications to solar cells and optics. Silicon nanowires are also often referred to as, "black Silicon," because of its very high light absorption coefficient. We are currently studying how to obtain the darkest Silicon nanowires possible, and the implications for solar energy are very important. Ordinary Silicon reflects upwards of 60% of incident light, which mean the 60% of the energy that hits the surface is reflected away and lost. Silicon nanowires capture upwards of 97% of incident light, making this an attractive alternative to ordinary solar cells. Getting them to capture and divert energy is a complex and difficult task.

Telescope research involving aluminized Mylar and specialized optical/photo detectors. This amazing material, invented for use by NASA, has the potential to revolutionize telescope technology, by making it possible to build very large aperture telescopes for a fraction of the cost. A one-meter telescope today could cost upwards of $500,000, but what if you could have a two-meter telescope for $2500? What then, if you could alter the focal point to adapt to different colors (reds, greens and blues)?

Books - we still sell books through (see the Advertising links) and soon, direct sales. Some books are also available to read on this web site (please visit our Gammabooks link). Soon, we expect to begin selling hardcover or paperback versions of our books. More books and stories are coming as well.

Spray cooling, power controls (inverters, cycloconverters, rectifiers, converters), with applications requiring high-density heat flux (thermal control). We are especially interested in applying spray cooling technologies to power controls. In our research with our partners, we have achieved the world record in heat flux for any electron device, with an IGBT, at a heat flux of 825W/cm2.

Our Chief Engineer and General Manager: Robert G. Mertens, Ph.D.
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Home: A place where you can sit back, relax and pretend that the rest of the world doesn't exist.

Videos: Here you can find videos of some of my adventures in sailing, racoons, gate-building and more.

Nanotechnology: We are beginning explorers in this fantastic new world of the extremely small - the nanoscale.

Gammascopes: We are looking at the use of an amazing material, aluminized Mylar, to make telescope mirrors.

Gammabooks: GammaPC was originally Gamma Publishing Company, which sold books. I still sell books. I'm also putting some of my books online, here, and you can read them free (with advertisements) or download them (commercial-free) to your reading device. Thank you for your readership. Soon, I hope to make them available in paperback/hardcover. Some copies of the TE Theory in hardcover are still available. These are extremely rare books (a single printing), which at one time, sold for upwards of $3,000. I used very high-quality acid-free paper to print them, so they're in mint condition (and new - never opened).

Spray Cooling: This is a subject of considerable research and we presently hold the world record for the highest heat flux through any electron device, an IGBT, at 825 W/cm2.

Services: We provide research, specifically in technical areas.

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