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Books to purchase: Some of our books are still in print and for sale (see the right panel)

Hooked - A fantasy love story I wrote about a man and a woman. This book, no longer readable here, is now available online through as a Kindle book, click here to find it

Timestar - This book on also.

Star Trek Voyager (Movie Script): This book is not for sale, since there are too many copyright issues, and honestly, I'm not interested in dealing will all of the hassle.  I may just keep the plot line and change the names of all the players.  

The Theory of the Time-Energy Relationship: A Scientific Treatise - This is a book that I wrote in 1995 within which is written a theoretical model of the universe.

Here are three videos I made which discuss the main concepts of the book.

There are three parts to this book.  The first part is a survey of modern physics (excluding some of the latest theoretical discoveries in the fields of string and membrane - M - theory).  

The second part is the time-energy theory itself, in which I use some basic tenets of physics and draw some new ideas into an expression of the underlying structure of the universe.   Probably the largest thing to consider is the non-existence of space as an acting causality in the universe.  No matter what you study in physics, every physicist will tell you that there is no such thing as the "ether," which is what Einstein told us many years ago, and this was shown to be true in the michelson-Morley experiment.  Yet, almost everywhere you look in physics, you find that physicists haven't given up their precious ether.   They may call it something else these days (quantum foam, for one example), but it's still in their books and their theories.

The third part deals with the philosophical aspects of this theory, although this entire work is considered more philosophical than scientific, because of its lack of mathematical rigor - a respectable consideration.  This will soon be for sale on, but some work needs to be done to bring this up to modern technological standards.  Presently, this book is out-of-print, and only a few, second-hand copies are available.

Not Completed Books (Not Available to Read Yet:  These are books I am still working on.  The titles of these books are copyrighted (except for the one that I have to rename), as are the themes.

Ancester - A science fiction novel about humanity in the year 8000 A. D.  By that time, humans are sparse, although they number on the order of 10 to the power 90 in population, they are still outnumbered more than a thousand trillion to one by other intelligent species, including machines, aliens, dogs, cats, elephants, ants, and even trees.  Humans are the closest to God, having been the first intelligent species.  They are powerful beyond reckoning, any one with the ability to destroy a star with little more than a thought.

Angels and Demons - (unfortunately, this title was taken by another author before I could finish and copyright it, so it will have to change to something less flashy - and now, danged if they haven't turned it into a movie - not quite as good as I would have written, but these days people are simply not that demanding).  This novel is only an idea at this point, but reflects upon the human soul, the many long centuries of misunderstanding of spirituality in man, the lies and deceit passed to us by the organized religions, the ideas of demons and angels, who they might be, and what their roles might be.  Great courage one must have to take on the mantle of immortality.  Humans take it without a second thought, because we are stupid and ignorant, not realizing or even considering the concept of living forever.  As they say, "Fools rush in where angels (and demons) fear to tread."

Bad News - A comic novel about a guy hooked on the news, who cannot leave his home and television set for being terrified by the news.   This is a fictional commentary on modern news reporting, sensationalism, and how people are enslaved and frightened by allowing themselves to be preyed upon by corporate news services who use irrational fears to keep people glued to their television sets, in their greedy pursuit of profit, driven by the age-old expression, "Don't touch that dial!"



God and the Devil


The Most Superior Talking Monkey - A modern fictional commentary on hero worship and styling oneself after other people who seem superior.  Our society dictates who we should be, who we should listen to and obey, who we should be like and the such.  But it is also a commentary on those who obey and those who do not, literally creating two classes of people in the world.  Some are superior, and some are inferior, but obedient to these artificially superior talking monkeys (good guys).  Others are considered inferior, but are not obedient to the superior talking monkeys (bad guys).  But even the most superior talking monkeys fail to see the truth about themselves. They reach such heights of power and influence that they forget that they are not gods, but little more than only the most superior of the talking monkeys, judged of course, by what we label as "superior."  They forget that they are only little humans with the power of speech.  They use this power irresponsibly, but only to the degree that we allow them to.

Timestar: Relm

Timestar Unfolded

Where are My Placebos! - A comedic fictional commentary on the frustrations of living in a modern society, and the dire need for relief, even if we only believe we are getting it.  It could be the intellectual version of The Simpsons television show.  This is not to suggest that the writers of The Simpsons are not intellectuals - in fact, they must be, but modern society presents problems and challenges that even intelligent people must cope with, the chief of which is the inanity and stupidity of the world, especially in the way it is run.  It must be taken with a placebo, or something to calm them down.

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Home: A place where you can sit back, relax and pretend that the rest of the world doesn't exist.

Videos: Here you can find videos of some of my adventures in sailing, racoons, gate-building and more.

Nanotechnology: We are beginning explorers in this fantastic new world of the extremely small - the nanoscale.

Gammascopes: We are looking at the use of an amazing material, aluminized Mylar, to make telescope mirrors.

Gammabooks: GammaPC was originally Gamma Publishing Company, which sold books. I still sell books. I'm also putting some of my books online, here, and you can read them free (with advertisements) or download them (commercial-free) to your reading device. Thank you for your readership. Soon, I hope to make them available in paperback/hardcover. Some copies of the TE Theory in hardcover are still available. These are extremely rare books (a single printing), which at one time, sold for upwards of $3,000. I used very high-quality acid-free paper to print them, so they're in mint condition (and new - never opened).

Spray Cooling: This is a subject of considerable research and we presently hold the world record for the highest heat flux through any electron device, an IGBT, at 825 W/cm2.

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