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How to Make Top-Down Silicon Nanowires

This is a set of three videos, between two and eight minutes long, each, that helps describe the process of making Silicon nanowires using a "top-down" method. There are many ways to make nanowires, depending on the materials used, the substrate, the technique, the temperature and many other factors, including the presence of electric current, light, heat, cold, oxygen, nitrogen, heavy metals and much more. The field of nanotechnology is wide open.

Part A

Part B

Part C

Silicon Nanowires Zoom from 27x to 27,000x

Images of Silicon Nanowires using Electron Microscopes

These scanning electron microscope (SEM) images are of Silicon nanowires, which were made with a solution of silver nitrate and hydrofluoric acid (AgNO3/HF solution). The thickness of these nanowires is 50 - 70 nanometers. Their height is approximately 4 microns.

Zooming out... This wafer was (100) aligned p-type Silicon with Boron surface doping, etched in still solution.

Zooming out further.

A different wafer, also (100) p-type Si, but etched in an ultrasonic cleaner.

As we zoom in on this shot, notice the clumping together of the nanowires.

These images were taken on an Hitachi S3500 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). This is the limit of the resolution.

A top view of the same wafer at low
Here again we zoom in to see a little more detail.

And then zoom a little bit more.

And then finally we exceed the resolution of the SEM.

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