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Here you can find links to my online videos.

I'm no longer supplying free videos to youtube and at this time, I'm migrating some of my videos from youtube to my website - here. Actually, when you upload a video to youtube, they do a lot of manipulation of your uploaded video to a form that will work in a web browser. None of my videos were in that form, so now, in addition to editing every video for playing here, instead of youtube, I must re-convert every video to a web format that will play in all of the major browsers.

Currently, you'll notice that all of the videos here are link to someplace on youtube, but if you click on them, they lead to a "This video is unavailable." screen. Eventually, some of my videos may be available here, but it will take time. It takes about a day to convert over each video and reset the links so that you can watch them.

I'll do my best to upload some of my most popular videos and video sets first. Or not. Youtube shut down monetization of my channel for poor performance - I should take the hint. It seems, I wasted... well, learned my lesson, which took two years, that I'm not really that good at some part of making videos. Also, People are currently uploading 400 hours of youtube videos every minute. With that much competition, it really does seem like a waste of time. Even youtube can't keep up with the volume. I don't know how they can keep up with the data.

I'm able to make my youtube videos play from here, and hide them from youtube search, and even from my youtube page, but I'm not sure I want to do that, because it opens the video in a youtube page... which draws you away from this site. All of my links open in new windows or tabs, so this window will remain open, but still.

Robert Mertens
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Dr. Bobs VLOGs
Sailing and Boating
Amazing Florida

Description of Website Links

Home: A place where you can sit back, relax and pretend that the rest of the world doesn't exist.

Videos: Here you can find videos of some of my adventures in sailing, racoons, gate-building and more.

Nanotechnology: We are beginning explorers in this fantastic new world of the extremely small - the nanoscale.

Gammascopes: We are looking at the use of an amazing material, aluminized Mylar, to make telescope mirrors.

Gammabooks: GammaPC was originally Gamma Publishing Company, which sold books. I still sell books. I'm also putting some of my books online, here, and you can read them free (with advertisements) or download them (commercial-free) to your reading device. Thank you for your readership. Soon, I hope to make them available in paperback/hardcover. Some copies of the TE Theory in hardcover are still available. These are extremely rare books (a single printing), which at one time, sold for upwards of $3,000. I used very high-quality acid-free paper to print them, so they're in mint condition (and new - never opened).

Spray Cooling: This is a subject of considerable research and we presently hold the world record for the highest heat flux through any electron device, an IGBT, at 825 W/cm2.

Services: We provide research, specifically in technical areas.

About Us: Find out who we are - pictures included.

Contact Us: A way to reach us.